Concert Information

December 2020 Holiday Concert: Northland Youth Choir and Aurora Women’s Chorale

Due to Covid protocols, we were only able to present our concert to a small group of our immediate family members. Click here to enjoy our concert free of charge. The choirs sincerely thank Gary Toth, Nate Welch, Pam Leist, and Jaunelle Celaire for making this video possible.

Click here to download and print the song texts.

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NOTICE: Rehearsals are Mondays at 6pm. Please contact Janice Trumbull for more information or to schedule an audition atĀ (214) 354-4587 or kittenmomx3@gmail.com

The Northland Youth Choir was established in July 2000 to provide quality music instruction in a choral setting and to strive for excellence in choral performances. The Choir emphasizes the development and understanding of music skills and encourages singers to look within themselves and find self-expression through singing.

Northland Youth Choir offers an opportunity to help develop good character and self-esteem in its members, hopefully resulting in lifelong benefits to the individual members and society. We bring together children and youth from across our entire community. Our choir is open to qualified singers from all cultural, economic, racial and religious backgrounds.

Choir auditions are held in May and August. Singers that meet the vocal requirements are accepted and placed according to skill level in one of our choirs.

The Treble Choir will be traveling to Denver in June 2022 to participate in the Sing A Mile High Choral Festival. They are currently busy raising money to be able to go to this festival. If you are interested in more information regarding the Festival or how you can financially help our singers reach this goal, don’t hesitate to contact Janice Trumbull or any of our singers.

For more information, please callĀ (214) 354-4587 or email.